A special announcement on Viking's 60th Anniversary

In celebration of our company's 60th anniversary, Viking President and CEO Pat Healey has a HUGE announcement to make - one that demonstrates our commitment to innovation and building a better boat every day.

Viking Yachts - Apr 1, 2024
Viking Yacht Company has been building a better boat every day for 60 years - photo © Viking Yachts

The Viking Yacht Company has been building a better boat every day for 60 years. Founded by brothers Bill and Bob Healey on April 1, 1964, Viking climbed the marine industry mountain and has been at its peak for decades now, unwilling to relinquish the throne as the industry's best boatbuilder.

Celebrating 60 Years - photo © Viking Yachts

"Early on, my father drove home the point that Viking was about building a better boat every day, and Uncle Bob insisted that we like the view from the top of the mountain and plan to stay there," says Bill's son, Pat Healey, Viking President and CEO. "On our 60th anniversary, the Co-founders' statements are stronger than ever."

The original Viking building in New Gretna, New Jersey - photo © Viking Yachts

"We started Viking with 17 barren acres and a winter storage shed," said Pat Healey.

New Gretna - photo © Viking Yachts
Mullica - photo © Viking Yachts

Today's plant stretches for nearly a quarter of a mile, with five manufacturing lines where yachts from 38 to 90 feet are built. Between the New Gretna and Mullica facilities, we have about 1 million square feet of manufacturing space.

Bob Healey Sr.'s son, Bob Jr - photo © Viking Yachts
Pat and his children - photo © Viking Yachts

Viking has always had a leg up on the competition because it's owned by a family of boatbuilders that calls the shots. The role of the Healey family in the business has never been more prevalent. Bob Healey Sr.'s son, Bob Jr., along with Pat and his children are leading the company into its seventh decade.

Vintage wooden cruising yachts - photo © Viking Yachts

From vintage wooden cruising yachts to today's flagships - the Viking 90 and Valhalla 55 - Viking history has been filled with many milestone models. Each new model improves upon its predecessor as our design and engineering team refines and modifies to create the next great Viking.

Viking 90 and Valhalla 55 - photo © Viking Yachts
Bill Healey always made it a point to shake hands with boatbuilders - photo © Viking Yachts
Bob Healey Sr - photo © Viking Yachts

The people of the Viking Yacht Company are its heart and soul. We've been blessed to have many great people as part of our family for over 60 years. Thank you to the best boatbuilders in the world! Bill Healey always made it a point to shake hands with boatbuilders, thanking them for their hard work at the end of the day. Bob Healey Sr. will always be remembered as the driving force that led to the repeal of the devastating Luxury Tax of the early 1990s.

Started in the early 1980s - photo © Viking Yachts

Started in the early 1980s, the demonstrator program plays a crucial role in our success. The leaders of our company fish the major tournaments, learning about the product so it can be refined and improved. The program's longevity and success are unrivaled in the marine industry.

Princess Yachts America - photo © Viking Yachts
Valhalla Boat Sales - photo © Viking Yachts

With the Viking Marine Group (VMG), we can offer our owners a diverse range of products and the services and support to make their boating and fishing experience the absolute best it can be. VMG consists of Viking Yachts, Valhalla Boatworks, Princess Yachts America, Valhalla Boat Sales, Atlantic Marine Electronics, the Viking Yacht Service Center, Palm Beach Towers and the Viking Yachting Center.

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