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Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard

Germain Motor Company, a fourth-generation family business founded in 1947, announced that it acquired SI Yachts. Previously known as Staten Island Yacht Sales, SI Yachts was founded in 1964 by Frank Bongiorno, who established what has become the longest-operating Viking dealer. Frank plans to enjoy a well-deserved retirement after more than 60 years.

We couldn't imagine a more perfect opportunity and partnership to carry on the legacy of Frank, first started in 1964, "SI Vice President Jay Hendrix said in a statement. "The resources, technology and team that Germain has is a complement to what we are building at SI Yachts." Germain’s acquisition of SI Yachts comes two years after CEO and partner Zach Germain established Germain Yachts. Pictured above from left, Viking President and CEO Pat Healey, Zach Germain, Jessica Germain and Austin Germain.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) was another smashing success. With three incredible lines of vessels on display, the Viking Marine Group stole the show. The Viking Yachts display was abuzz with the FLIBS debut of the flagship 90 Convertible. Both fishing and cruising enthusiasts were wowed by the newest model to join the world-class fleet.

The five Valhalla Boatworks center consoles saw lots of activity throughout the five-day event. And the excitement grew with the announcement of a V-28 Bay and V-29 Hybrid. The V Series continues to redefine fishing excellence.

Princess Yachts America dazzled the crowds with the North American Premier of the Y95. With top-notch performance and stunning aesthetics paired with exceptional seakeeping, she is destined to be a star.

The team at Valhalla Boat Sales (VBS) enjoyed a busy show with sales across all models. Based in both New Jersey and Florida, VBS is an authorized Valhalla Boatworks, Contender and Sportsman dealership.

Summer Tourney Recap
Summer Tourney Recap

Congratulations to all anglers for a sensational summer of tournaments! There were an amazing number of Viking’s claiming the top spot on the leaderboards. We kicked off the season with Daniel Brown’s Viking 64 Half-A-Buc winning the Salt Life Bluewater Tournament – for the third time in a row. Miss Maysen, a Viking 56, won the Louisiana Gulf Coast Classic with 642-pound blue marlin.

Vikings claimed the top three spots in the Release Team, Billfish Boat and Crew divisions at the Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic – the Viking 72 Team Supreme, the Viking 80 Wynsong and the Viking 70 Quick Time, respectively. Chris Hatcher landed the Heaviest Blue Marlin (723.7 pounds) at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic while fishing on his Viking 58 Salt Shaker.

At the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic, Jason Bense set a new dolphin tournament record after weighing a 59.8-pound bull from Chris Hatcher’s Viking 58 Salt Shaker. Tag Team, a Viking 80, won the inaugural Los Cabos Release tournament. Art Favre’s Viking 92 A Work of Art won the Blue Marlin Grand Championship after angler Kevin Courville reeled in a blue marlin weighing 597.4 pounds.

Jeff Feuerman’s No Mercy, a Viking 55, claimed 1st Place Overall Points at the Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic. The Anderson family’s Viking 80 Krazy Salt’s took 1st Places in Overall Points, White Marlin Points and Tuna Points as well as Jack Kraczewski’s Top Angler Points at South Jersey Yacht Sales’ Offshore Showdown.

The Krake family’s newly delivered Viking 72 Team Supreme won the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series after an absolutely incredible season. At Jimmy Johnson’s Atlantic City Quest for the Ring Championship Fishing Week the Viking 80 demo won the White Marlin category when captain Sean Dooley put Thomas “Smalls” Garmany on a fish that weighed 69.8-pounds. Dane Braun, fishing on his Viking 55 Desperado, weighed the heaviest blue marlin (703 pounds) at the Lone Star Shootout.

Tom DeAngelo’s Viking 55 Blinky hung a bigeye that tipped the scales at 224.7 pounds – the Heaviest Tuna at the Montauk Canyon Challenge. At the Tri-State Canyon Shootout the Viking 61 Reel Savage claimed the Largest Tuna with Steven Arcamone’s bigeye weighing 244.6 pounds

Synchronicity owner Larry Mathews, fishing on his Viking 48, fought a blue more than four hours to claim 1st Place Blue Marlin with his 726.3-pound fish at the Texas Gulf Coast Billfish Classic. Heaviest Blue Marlin, Top Boat and Top Release Boat went to the Viking 72 Yellow Steel for three blue marlin and three white marlin releases, all hooked by junior female anglers Helen and Katharine Goodloe at the Mobile Big Game Fishing Club’s Ladies Tournament.

Carmine “Chip” Caruso’s Pipe Dreamer, a Viking 70, won the Blue Marlin division with an 889-pound fish at The MidAtlantic. Polarizer, a Viking 64, reclaimed the Ocean City Marlin and Tuna Club’s Offshore Open perpetual trophy. Just Right, a Viking 56 run by owner Robbie Brown, rallied on the final day of the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament to win the event. The team aboard Double Shot, a Viking 68, won the 2nd Leg of the Scrub Island Invitational Billfish Series in the British Virgin Islands.

Virgina Beach Billfish Tournament
Virgina Beach Billfish Tournament

Just Right, a Viking 56 run by owner Robbie Brown, rallied on the final day of the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament to win the event. The team released a blue marlin and sailfish on the first day before adding another nine sails on the final day good for the tournament championship. The team also claimed the Top Crew and F. Wayne McLeskey Memorial trophy as the Top Boat. Just Right team members include Mike Robinson, Collin Hula, John Lamb, Michael Lamb, Ken Fink and mate Fisher Bedmond.

In the Gamefish Division, Larry Lusk whipped the largest wahoo at 53.1 pounds. He was fishing aboard the Viking 56 Don’t Panic with captain Bryan Peele.

The MidAtlantic
The MidAtlantic

Over the history of The MidAtlantic the last day of the tournament has become known as “Moving Day” as the leaderboard typically sees a compete shake-up. That was not the case this year as Moving Day came a day early! The billfish bite continued at a wild pace and bigeye tuna showed up in force. As a result, the categories reshuffled on Day Four. And the 11 remaining boats (of the 181-boat fleet) fishing on the final day had no impact on the final scoreboard.

Carmine “Chip” Caruso’s Pipe Dreamer, a Viking 70, won the Blue Marlin division with an 889-pound fish. Captain Rich Fernandez pulled up to the scale with a massive blue marlin stretched across the cockpit. Andy Confortini fought the big blue on a 130-pound class outfit and had the fish to the boat in just 20 minutes. When extended, the huge marlin measured 133 ½”. The Pipe Dreamer crew, which has been fishing together for the better part of two decades, landed the fish at 9am on Wednesday then held their breath until the scales closed at 9pn on Friday. Of note, Pipe Dreamer’s payout is a tournament record for a blue marlin and it’s the 3rd heaviest blue marlin in the tournament’s history.

An hour later captain Danny Veid wheeled Shon Craig’s Viking 80 Amarula Sun to the scale with a 114 ¼” billfish which weighed 548-pounds for Shon who was also the angler. The fish was good for 2nd Place Blue Marlin.

Michael Jordan’s Viking 80 Catch 23, with captain Stetson Turney at the wheel, took 3rd Place White Marlin with Jimmy David’s 75-pounder that measured 71 ½”.

Captain Evan Millas put Bob Hugin, aboard his Viking 62 The Right Place, into 2nd Place Tuna after weighing a bigeye of 234 pounds for angler Deane Lambros. Minutes later captain Blaine Birch pulled Ken Hager’s Viking 62 Taylor Jean to the scale and weighed a 216-pounder for angler Tony Chieffo – which claimed 3rd Place Tuna. Most Points Tuna went to Wiiliam Wrede’s Viking 62 Lovin’ Life.

The Dolphin category saw David Schockley on the Viking 62 Liquidity take the Heaviest Dolphin award for his 45-pounder. Joe Bernert, on his Viking 72 Quick Raise, weighed a 34-pound dolphin for 2nd Place. Jeff Kogok finished in 3rd Place with a 33-pounder angled from his Viking 68 Too Many Martinis.

Jim McArthy, aboard his Viking 58 Covert Mission, finished with a 2nd Place Wahoo for his 52-pound ‘hoo.

After spending some time at the top of the white marlin leaderboard with a 72” fish, the Viking 80 demo took the Most Points Cape May title with 21 white marlin releases. Marty Judge and his Viking 64 Judge was the 3rd Place Most Points Cape May Boat. There were 750 white marlin caught and 735 were released – the 3rd highest in tournament history. It’s also a 98% release rate.

Mongo Update
Mongo Update

The 4th annual Mongo Offshore Challenge is in full swing. The Gulf Division is dominated by Vikings – but there’s still plenty of time to see new names on the leaderboard as the tournament runs till September 30. See current standings below.

Blue Marlin
1st Salt Shaker – Viking 58 – 723.7 pounds
2nd Reel Blues – Viking 64 – 657 pounds
3rd Reel Fire – Viking 76 – 580 pounds

1st Salt Shaker – Viking 58 – 59.8 pounds
2nd Fins – Viking 62 – 53.4 pounds
2nd Reel Fire – Viking 76 – 203.9 pounds
3rd Gunnslinger – Viking 72 – 191.8 pounds

The Mongo is a unique tournament that covers three regions – East Coast, Gulf Coast and Hawaii. Teams compete as often as desired for five-months with weights collected from a network of official weigh stations and approved big game tournaments. This event is challenging because the minimum size limits are set high, for example a blue marlin must be a minimum of 118”. This makes the weighed fish humongous.

JJ Fish Week
JJ Fish Week

We had some wild days in our own backyard as Jimmy Johnson’s Atlantic City Quest for the Ring Championship Fishing Week drew 80 battlewagons to the shore resort. Winning the White Marlin category was the Viking 80 demo. Captain Sean Dooley put Thomas “Smalls” Gamany on the 72.25-inch fish that weighed 69.8-pounds – more than five pounds heavier than last years’ winning white.

Triple Crown Champs
Triple Crown Champs

Marlin tournament season in the Gulf of Mexico means big fish and a serious adrenaline rush, and nowhere is that feeling more apparent than in the esteemed Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series.

This year’s grand champ is the crew on the recently delivered Viking 72 Team Supreme. The team hit their stride at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic and never looked back. Allen Krake released two blue marlin and Allen Krake Jr. a single to put the team on the leaderboard. The blues earned Team Supreme a 3rd Place Release title.

Allen was back at it with a pair of blue releases, while Alex Krake added one at the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. Then, at the final event in the series, the Blue Marlin Grand Championship, Alex released five blue marlin and boated a 113-inch blue in just nine hours of fishing. And he added another the following day. This incredible feat propelled the team to 1st Place Release Boat and clinched the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship for Team Supreme.

“I’m so happy for my Pops,” said Allen Jr. “This was a dream for him since we started fishing the circuit. It was a team effort all season, and we came together and fought till the last blue marlin was tagged!”

The Krake family and Captain Chase Lake have had an outstanding season with their new boat. “What an outstanding season for Team Supreme with their new boat,” said Carmine Galati of Galati Yacht Sales. “It’s awesome to see a great team at work, especially father and son fishing together – both great anglers. Team Supreme is a first-class operation.”

Briar Patch, a Viking 68, claimed 3rd Place in the Triple Crown standings. At the Orange Beach Billfish Classic, they were the only team in the 42-boat fleet to release three blue marlin – winning the Release category. During the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic captain Corey Hurst put Mitchell Rielley on a 544.2-pound 4th Place Blue Marlin – and the team released a blue at the Emerald Coast Billfish Classic.

The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship consists of four billfish tournaments in which teams accumulate points. The tourneys include the Orange Beach Billfish Classic, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic and the Blue Marlin Grand Championship.

Flying Flags
Flying Flags

Our Demo team is firing on all cylinders. The Viking 64 with captain Sean Dooley at the helm broke the one-day South Carolina state record with five blues in one day – but it didn’t stop there. They released a total of 26 sails and seven blues in four days of fishing. Keep it going guys! We have two demos running this summer. The Viking 80 is getting her final touches here in New Gretna and will soon be off to fish Jimmy Johnson’s Atlantic City “Quest for the Ring” Championship, July 16-23.

More Progress Against the 10-Knot Restriction
More Progress Against the 10-Knot Restriction

The boating and fishing community continues to gain momentum to halt the federal government’s proposed 10-knot restriction along the Eastern Seaboard. At a House National Resources subcommittee oversight hearing last week, three key witnesses from the affected industries made strong arguments against the dangerous and misguided speed limit, which would extend from Massachusetts to Florida for seven months annually and up to 100 miles offshore for boats 35 feet and larger.

Viking was instrumental in facilitating the testimony of long-time New Jersey charterboat captain Fred Gamboa. “Boats over 35 feet would essentially be unusable for approximately seven months of the year,” Fred told the subcommittee. “I simply can’t cover the ground to access the targeted fisheries when limited to 10 knots. This would amount to the loss of no less than 70 trips with an estimated economic cost of $140,000.” Fred, who operates out of Point Pleasant, has been a longtime friend of Viking and active participant in fisheries management issues, also emphasized the devastating safety, privacy and public access impacts of the rule, which “demand thoughtful evaluation and exploration of alternative approaches.”

“All of the witnesses did an excellent job of delivering balanced, reasonable statements and solutions,” says Viking Director of Government Affairs and Sustainability John DePersenaire, who attended the three-hour hearing. “Fred played a major role in not only elevating our message to another level but also gaining bipartisan support.”

The hearing shined light on the many glaring inaccuracies and false assumptions NOAA made when putting forth its proposed rule changes.

Frank Hugelmeyer, the President of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, also made a huge impact: “Recreational boaters and anglers are longtime conservationists who share the goal of protecting the North Atlantic right whale and our ocean ecosystems. We’re committed to investing in technologies that do just that. Marine mammal protection, economic prosperity and access to our cherished waters can coexist. It’s a false choice to make Americans choose one over the other.”

Two other positive developments coincided with the hearing. A new bipartisan act from U.S. Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and John Boozman (R-AR) was introduced; the bill aims to prohibit NOAA from issuing the 10-knot rule until technological solutions can help better track the whales and avoid strikes. “As Co-chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus and as an avid sportsman myself, I know firsthand how important our fishing culture is to who we are, whether that’s on our trout streams in West Virginia or coastal fishing along the Eastern Seaboard,” said Senator Manchin. “I’m proud to introduce the bipartisan Protecting Whales, Human Safety and the Economy Act of 2023.”

‘It’s a big win for us,” John says of the Manchin/Boozman legislation. Another positive development is NOAA has agreed to assign a liaison to the Whale and Vessel Safety Taskforce (WAVS). Viking initiated the formation of this panel of experts committed to finding technology-based solutions to track and protect marine mammals, particularly the right whale.

Jon Hare, Science and Research Director for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, will join WAVS immediately. “Jon represents the laying of the groundwork for the public-private partnership between recreational boating and fishing and NOAA,” says John DePersenaire. “This is critical for our success.”

Ladies on the Line
Ladies on the Line

Gary Reich, editor-in-chief of Soundings Trade Only, recently spent time at the Viking manufacturing plant speaking with women boatbuilders for an upcoming article. Women have always had a strong presence in Viking’s workforce. The COVID crisis saw an increase in the female population since women who were in the hospitality industry lost jobs – but still wanted to work. Viking’s Human Resources Department appealed to those women to “Come join our team, we will teach you a skill and provide a career.”

Three and Counting
Three and Counting

Congratulations to Team Galati on their unprecedented third Triple Crown win! "We won it all on the last day– incredible!, " said angler Pat Healey. "It's truly amazing what we've been able to accomplish these past few years, especially considering the outstanding competition."

“We have a new boat every season and we learn how to fish it. Since 2014 this team has been on stage an incredible 13 times. This feat is due to the amazing anglers, crew and of course, our captain Tony Carrizosa,” added Pat.

The team won the 2020 series and then in 2021, the team was named back-to-back champs of the three-leg series. And they’ve returned to the Winner’s Circle for the 2023 season! For the 2022 Series, Carlos Pellas and the team on his Viking 72 Rum Runner captured the crown. That’s four years in a row a Viking has held the coveted honor. Read on for a run-down of this season’s excitement.

Viking Key West Challenge
Viking Key West Challenge

Just a month away! The Viking Key West Challenge (VKWC), presented by Christi Insurance and Travelers, is almost here. The 50+ boat fleet is ready for fishing, fun and family at this southern-most event. And the VKWC team is excited to welcome Spot Zero back as the Weigh Station sponsor. Download the Reel Time scoring app to follow all the Conch Republic fishing action. And if you haven’t sent in your registration, please do so at your earliest convenience. Email with any questions.

Ladies First
Ladies First

The Viking Yacht Company and Marlin magazine, along with other industry leaders, created a team of female anglers to compete in the 2023 Quest for the Crest sailfish tournament series. The goal of Marlin’s Lady Angler team is to help create more awareness of female anglers in competitive fishing tournaments. This team consists of women spanning all skill levels. Although each is not only a passionate angler, but several are also prominent members of the marine industry as well, ranging from boatbuilding and sales to tournament directors and pro staff members. We are particularly proud of team member Shelby Callison. Shelby is the Sales Coordinator and Office Manager for Valhalla Boat Sales in the Riviera Beach, Florida headquarters – and knows her way around a cockpit. She was this year’s Top Lady Angler at the Buccaneer Cup Sailfish Tournament and was recently named The Billfish Foundation’s 2022 Top Tagging Lady Angler in South Florida.

“It’s an absolute blast to be a part of an all-female team,” says Shelby. “We all go out with the same goal – catch fish and have fun. And our sponsors have been amazing. Viking Yachts, Marlin magazine, Pelagic Gear and Bucked Up Energy have supported us with the best of everything.”

The Masters
The Masters

The first release of the prestigious 60th annual International Masters Angling Tournament was a precursor of things to come for our own Pat Healey as he released a sailfish with a fight time of just three minutes and 15 seconds. After three wild days of fishing, Pat was presented the 2023 Master Angler John Rybovich Award. Pat, Viking CEO and President, also scored the most fish on time. His 12 releases earned him a hat trick as he won The Masters back to back in 2011 and 2012. Pat now has his eyes set on Chase Offield (Valhalla 37 owner) who has won the event an incredible four times.

Karen Comstock, owner of the Viking 72 Drag ‘n Fish, was awarded Third High Angler honors, a Masters first for a lady angler. The Second High Boat went to the Viking 64 Team Galati captained by Tony Carrizosa and Third High Boat was the Viking 58 Dealers Choice with captain Scotty Jones. Dale Creamer, owner of the Viking 72 Ditch Digger, released what is thought to be the first black marlin of The Masters.

“This was my freshman year fishing The Masters,” said JC Gonzalez, owner of the Viking 55 Pura Vida. “The fishing was great and the boats and crews were amazing. The trophy was meeting some of the most professional, humble and amazing people my wife and I have ever met. I can’t explain how grateful I am to be invited to fish this wonderful tournament.”

The Masters, fished this year in Los Suenos, Costa Rica, is the ultimate test of an angler’s skills. Fought in dead boat conditions, the captain is only permitted to turn the boat to maintain the angler’s proper fishing position. Competitors are rewarded points for their fish if released in less than 10 minutes, while a broken line is penalized with deducted points. Each competitor fishes on a different boat with a new captain each day.

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