Mongo Update 8/11/2023
The 4th annual Mongo Offshore Challenge is in full swing. The Gulf Division is dominated by Vikings – but there’s still plenty of time to see new names on the leaderboard as the tournament runs till September 30. See current standings below.

Blue Marlin
1st Salt Shaker – Viking 58 – 723.7 pounds
2nd Reel Blues – Viking 64 – 657 pounds
3rd Reel Fire – Viking 76 – 580 pounds

1st Salt Shaker – Viking 58 – 59.8 pounds
2nd Fins – Viking 62 – 53.4 pounds
2nd Reel Fire – Viking 76 – 203.9 pounds
3rd Gunnslinger – Viking 72 – 191.8 pounds

The Mongo is a unique tournament that covers three regions – East Coast, Gulf Coast and Hawaii. Teams compete as often as desired for five-months with weights collected from a network of official weigh stations and approved big game tournaments. This event is challenging because the minimum size limits are set high, for example a blue marlin must be a minimum of 118”. This makes the weighed fish humongous.
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