Fox to Focus on 10-knot Restriction 1/3/2023
Fox News reporter Douglas Kennedy visited the Viking manufacturing plant to interview Viking President and CEO Pat Healey about the 10-knot restriction being proposed by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Viking has been an integral part of the marine industry’s effort to raise awareness about the devastating impact the rule would have on the boating and fishing community. The North Atlantic Right Whale Vessel Strike Reduction Rule would broaden the current 10-knot (11.5 mph) speed limit to include boats 35 feet and larger (down from 65 feet); expand the zones from discrete areas to virtually the entire East Coast as far out as 100 miles; and extend the go-slow mandate for up to seven months a year. Boaters, anglers, maritime businesses and other stakeholders can help by urging Congress and other elected officials to demand that NOAA pause the rule until more reasonable alternatives can be found – solutions that involve tracking the whales, not instituting far-reaching maritime laws.
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