Leaving The Nest 5/29/2020
The 24th hull of the Viking 68 series splashed. This enclosed bridge model left the building, and after receiving her custom tower from Palm Beach Towers, took a Travelift ride down to the make-ready docks where she was fueled up. After a dip into the basin she was pulled over to Dock 2 via ropes and Viking manpower where she settled. The team is starting up each system individually to ensure they are functioning properly. Examining the systems one at a time isolates any malfunction and eases trouble shooting. From salon air conditioning to generators to the Seakeeper, everything is checked under meticulous eyes.

Next up a full team will head out for a comprehensive three-hour shake-down sea trial. A crew comprised of an electrician, dock mechanics, a Foley Cat technician and a host of others will check all systems and controls while operating in a real-time environment. Then adventure awaits.
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