Global Interest 1/4/2019
The Viking Yacht Company is proud to have the strongest dealer network in the world. Not just the United States but the entire world. In order to maintain that esteemed position, we are committed to investing in our authorized dealers all over the globe.

Anthony Scola, Viking’s International Sales Manager, is filling up the pages in his passport. Since accepting the position this summer, he has spent time in Italy, Monaco, Jamaica and Panama. “I see our dealers on a regular basis and talk to them daily but it’s great to see them in their everyday environments. It helps me understand their customers and get a real sense of their market.”

Not all locations feature large boat shows so Anthony creates ways to strengthen those markets. “Fortuna Yachting in Turkey only has small shows that don’t support our customers but they do have a series of big game tournaments that Viking sponsors and I’m looking forward to attending in the coming year.” Panama is another location sans shows so Anthony carved out a week to spend with Novey Marine and meet with customers one-on-one to establish and create relationships.

Travel time is also spent with the dealership teams. He educates the sales force about the newer Viking product lines, technology and features that are unique to the Viking Yacht Company. “It’s invaluable,” says Anthony. “I could Skype or have a virtual meeting from New Gretna but being with our dealers face-to-face on their home turf is not just reinforcing that we are truly partners but we can cover so much more ground.”

Going into 2019 Anthony’s already booked flights for Japan, Singapore, Turkey and Grenada, with many more trips in the works. “We really do have the best dealer network,” said Anthony. “And I’m very excited to visit more locations and strengthen our relationships.”
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