Place of Precision 5/1/2018
Among other things, Viking yachts are known for their speed and performance. Our convertibles routinely exceed 40 knots and our motor yachts easily outrun their competitors. How do they do it?

Part of the answer exists in Viking's customized quality-control prop shop. We use modern equipment to inspect, test and measure the propellers, struts, couplings, and other running gear appendages that help our boats deliver industry-leading performance. Seakeeper gyro stabilizers are also inspected and readied for installation here.

Viking Quality Control Engineer Yasser Hassan uses a Hale MRI, a computer-aided measuring device, to precisely record diameter, pitch, tracking and other detailed propeller measurements.

Properly maintained propellers are a must for maximum performance. Experience matters. Yasser has been a Viking quality control engineer for 18 years, helping build hundreds of boats in his tenure. "This is a place of precision," says Yasser. "Everything must be perfect."
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